The Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre State Enterprise (DBBZ)

was established in July 2011 with amendment to the Employment Encouragement Act, by virtue of which five Bulgarian-German vocational training centres (DBBZ) in Pazardzhik, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Smolyan and Tsarevo are transformed from second level spending units to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy into a legal entity DBBZ State Enterprise pursuant to Art.62, par. 3 of Commercial Law.

The structure of DBBZ State Enterprise consists of Headquarters (HQ) in Sofia, office and mailing address: Frederic Joliot-Curie St 25 A, and branches that are located at the centres’ addresses in Pazardzhik, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Smolyan and Tsarevo.

DBBZ State Enterprise inherited the good traditions of three successful Bulgarian-German projects on vocational training of adults (1992-2010), within which five Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centres were constructed and put into operation and which have a significant contribution to the development of the vocational training for adults in Bulgaria. At the beginning of its activities in the period 1995-1999/2000 all three DBBZ in Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora and Pleven offered young people a two-year vocational training on the principle of Germany's dual system of vocational education and training, which was very successful among the participants in it and the employers - partners of the centres.

The DBBZ State Enterprise main activities involve: providing vocational training of unemployed and the employed over the age of 16 with acquiring a vocational qualification degree or qualification in a part of a profession, key competences training and vocational guidance. Training sessions are held to improve the methodological qualification of trainers of adults, including trainers in enterprises. Innovative practices in the field of vocational training with a view to their subsequent implementation in the system of adult education are tested within various projects.

DBBZ State Enterprise is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) to provide training in 74 professions and is registered at the Employment Agency as training provider.

DBBZ State Enterprise offers high quality training oriented to modern European models and best practices. Modern approaches and methods of acquiring knowledge, forming practical skills and developing independence and responsibility in the actions have been applied in the learning process. Training is conducted by highly qualified trainers with excellent professional and methodological competence and in various forms: daytime, evening, weekend and mixed courses.

For employers DBBZ State Enterprise offers:

  • Standard licenced courses with acquiring a vocational qualification degree or qualification in a part of a profession and key competences training
  • Training of employees with vouchers under the scheme “I Can Do More” within the framework of Operative programme “Development of human resources”
  • Tailor-made training courses upon request of an employer strictly according to particular training requirements regarding content, duration, location, etc.
  • Workshops for improving the qualification of staff on current topics
  • Its facilities and necessary equipment for events, conferences, seminars etc.

    DBBZ State Enterprise has well-appointed offices, training and conference rooms, modernly equipped workshops, a hostel to accommodate the participants in training courses and a canteen to provide food to them. Best conditions for successful learning process and overall services for customers and trainees has been created.

    The branches of DBBZ State Enterprise are specialized as follows:

    • DBBZ State Enterprise branch Pleven in:

      • Construction Engineering

      • Woodworking Technology

      • Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering, Welding

      • Installation Technology

      • Electrotechnology

    • DBBZ State Enterprise branch Pazardzhik in:

      • Business Management and Administration

      • Secretarial and administrative office support activities

      • Accountancy and Tax

      • Applied Informatics

      • Audio-visual art and techniques; media production

      • Electronics, Automation technology

      • European Business Competence* Licence (EBC*L)

      • AutoCAD and CNC

      • Cisco Networking Academy

      • European Computer Passport Xpert

    • DBBZ State Enterprise branch Stara Zagora in:

      • Automotive Engineering

      • Agricultural machinery

      • Orthopaedic equipment (incl. manufacturing of orthopaedic shoes and insoles)

      • Metalworking Techniques (manual and mechanical metal working)

      • Welding

      • Installation Technology: plumbing and sewage systems, gas installation, ventilation installation and heating systems

      • Electrotechnology.

    • DBBZ State Enterprise branch Smolyan in:

      • Cooking and catering

      • Travel and Tourism Operations, Leisure and Entertainment

      • Tour Guiding, Mountain guide

      • Hairdressing

      • Cosmetics

      • Gardening

    All branches of DBBZ State Enterprise offer high quality training in foreign languages, information technology, entrepreneurship.


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